Social Media

As you develop your online presence through internet marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO), it is important to take advantage of all the media at your disposal.  Social media is a key outlet because of its wide reach and popularity.  These media outlets include Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, as well as the creation of original videos.  By developing a social media presence and choosing the social media outlets that best reach your target customers, you can make your internet marketing count.

The most basic strategy involves blog writing.   Not only does this provide a forum where you can place links and contribute to link building and other aspects of SEO, but it also gives you a chance to cultivate a following and instigate online discussion.  When writing a blog, it is important to have you reader in mind.  A good blog will establish a clear, specific theme that relates back to your company and offers related advice or anecdotes.  It’s great if you can establish an active message forum among readers, and you should try to respond to their comments quickly.  If readers are commenting on your blog entries or responding to each other, they are more likely to revisit your blog again in the future and check out your company’s website.

By proving that you are actually knowledgeable in the field, you will demonstrate to customers that you have the experience and deep understanding necessary to provide good products and services.  Readers will be more likely to trust your business when they know that you have a good grasp of the field.  Search engines also love well written blogs, so these can help you improve your search engine results rankings.

Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, do less to enhance your reputation and more to spread the word.  Both of these social media forms are wildly popular today and can literally reach millions of people.  The best place to start is with your own social network, and you can expand as you gain traction and cultivate an online presence.

In order to really create an effective social media presence, you should consider hiring a third party company with experience in the SEO field.  The SEO Bureau, for example, has experience with social media platforms, and they can help you get active comments on your blog, produce a good Facebook and Twitter page, and create videos for outlets like YouTube that will draw customers.  This is generally a good investment because it allows you to focus on running your business rather than learning SEO strategy.

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Link Building

Link building is a key aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO), and it’s necessary if you want your company to have a strong online presence.  Basically, this process involves having other websites link back to yours.  Major search engines send crawlers through the web to pick up links and categorise them according to frequency and quality.  Therefore, by having links placed in strategic locations, your website will be indexed by major search engines and appear higher among search engine results.  Because this makes your website more visible to web surfers, it will generate greater traffic to your website, and therefore increase the sales of your products or services.

For link building to be successful, however, the links must adhere to a certain quality standard.  Many search engines rank the trustworthiness and quality of a link to eliminate the spam and produce a dependable list of search engine results.  They also consider the site that hosts the link to be sure it is a quality site.  This filters the shady sites that are developed just to host links and improve SEO, so it is very important to consider the host site before you place links.  These various filters are great for your company as long as you can still place enough links.  If you appear high among search engine results, that automatically verifies the legitimacy of your services or products in the minds of consumers.

Another key aspect of link building is the anchor text.  Search engines consider the text surrounding a link and measure the presence of keywords.  It is beneficial when many links lead to a page with the best keywords, and this will improve the results rankings of that page.

There are a number of approaches to link building that have proven successful in the past, such as link exchanges, article marketing, guest blogging, and much more.  Generally, the most effective is to defer to an expert, such as the SEO Bureau.  It’s certainly possible to build links yourself, but these third party companies that specialise in link building tend to have much more experience and know how regarding link building.  This means they are often able to establish links successfully much easier and without wasting time.

Ultimately, link building is an essential part of SEO and an essential part of any online presence.  By placing links strategically, you can use the web to your advantage and propel your company forward among search engine results.

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Keyword Research – The Right Foundations

Increasingly, the internet is the best way to spread information and market a business. If you’re looking for a way to reach more potential clients and develop your target customer base, it is important to embark on a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. One critical aspect of SEO is keyword optimisation.

This begins with a review of the keywords that best describe your own business. Think about what customers might search for if they are looking for the services you provide. It’s generally recommended to start by writing a list of potential keywords, and later research will help provide a good comparison of which keywords are worth incorporating into a greater SEO campaign. Once you know your keywords, or a few keyword options, you can begin the real keyword research.

This process requires you to find out the popularity of those keywords within your market, whether it be the market for the specific good or service or a geographic market. Both of these are important to consider, especially when you think about how customers really exist at the local level. By doing thorough research on keywords and keyword combinations, you can figure out which keywords have the highest competition. Keywords or keyword phrases with lower levels of competition will give you a distinct advantage since you don’t need the same volume of SEO work to reach an optimized level. For the most successful SEO, this research involves both self analysis and an analysis of your competitors, as well as research on the keywords themselves.

Additionally, it is important to be aware of trends within the market and your clients’ needs. By doing comprehensive research on both of these and developing a strategy that takes them into account accordingly, you can improve your search engine rankings even more.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and capitalize on search engine optimisation, you need to start from the beginning and do a bit of self reflection. Begin with keyword research, and take a critical look at your own website. Try to identify keywords that appear in your text. By launching your SEO campaign from this starting point, you can ensure that every later decision takes those keywords into account. If you want to let someone else handle the tedious aspects of SEO for you so that you can focus on your business, consider an experienced SEO consultancy such as the SEO Bureau.

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